diamond devotions

Daily Wisdom and challenges from
Scripture, illustrated by the game.

Rain Delay

There isn't much worse in a baseball game than a rain delay. Getting ready for the game, only to have it interrupted before it or during it is not just frustrating, but it can throw plans into complete disarray. Players, fans, broadcasters, umpires…no one likes a rain...

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He liked to work quickly on the mound. Knowing his game plan and what he wanted to do to the hitters, he was ready for the next pitch as soon as he received the ball from the catcher. Without much hesitation, he nodded in agreement with the number put down, then got...

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Nobody Can Change Everything, Right?

Baseball is such a great game. It's the only game where the defense has the ball. It has no time limit. Players who aren't good at offense must still often hit for themselves, while those who aren't good at defense can still often be found by the ball. It's a game...

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Always on Time

The key to hitting is timing, and the key to pitching is disrupting timing. It really is as simple as that. If you want to be a great hitter, you need great timing. If you want to be a great pitcher, you need to change speeds and disrupt the hitter's timing. It's...

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All We Need, All in One

There's more to it than making out a lineup, writing a practice plan, or teaching guys how to properly run the bases. Wrapped up in the title of "Coach" is a variety of roles that go far beyond what most understand. A good coach is a mentor, friend, cheerleader,...

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Beyond Your Reputation

His reputation preceded him, and it wasn’t good. For years, he did his own thing, often to the detriment of the team and those around him. He was selfish and everyone knew it. His reputation preceded him, and it wasn’t good, either. He wasn’t selfish, but he just...

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Somebodies and Nobodies

Every great coach knows that a championship culture isn’t built on one coach or one player. Not even the greatest coach or greatest player can win singlehandedly. It takes everyone, the stars, the nobodies, and everyone in between. The 1927 Yankees don’t win, of...

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Introductory Speech

He made no attempt to ‘wow’ them with his introductory speech. It was largely unimpressive to those who heard it. A few minutes before, the press conference highlighted his track record and character. As a result, the players expected something overwhelming from their...

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RBIs, Teammates, and God’s Word

Today's Reading: Psalm 1:1-3 Questions to think about: What are your goals on the field? You've thought about them, but what are they, really? What about off the field, as a person, as a Christian, in your relationships, your future work, and so on? Regarding both...

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