diamond devotions

Daily Wisdom and challenges from
Scripture, illustrated by the game.

God Holds Leaders Accountable

All he really wanted to do was teach the game. He was good at it. He knew the mechanics and could help his players understand it like never before. As they began to improve, he assumed he was doing all the right things. Games were won, statistics were accumulated. One...

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Where We Find Our Fun

They each had equal talent and equal opportunity. Their careers, however, went vastly different directions. One found his "fun" in following the crowd and his natural inclinations. The other decided his "fun" would be in walking a path of wisdom, on and off the field....

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Guys You Can Count On

"I can't count on the guys I can't count on." He said the same thing during every preseason speech to his team. With curious looks, they wondered what he meant. To their confusion, he explained, "If you're a guy who proves you can't be counted on, don't expect to be...

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Calm Down

His mentors all told him the same thing. Calm down. He knew it. From his earliest years, he could not control his emotions and the resulting words that flowed from his mouth. Yet, in order to have sustained success, even to simply keep his position with the team, he...

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Someone To Talk To

He was struggling. So much was happening that he didn't understand. At home. With the team. At school. It seemed that everything was caving in around him. He needed someone to talk to, but the fear of someone posting it on social media prevented him from discussing it...

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How To Fail Miserably

He could guarantee them one thing: if they kept doing it their way, refused to be coachable...they would fail. It might not happen immediately, since they were pretty talented, but it would eventually catch up with them. He knew that one day they would face someone...

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How To Always Know What To Do

It's not an easy thing to be a coach or a team leader. There's no exhaustive training for it, nothing that covers all the bases, no class to take that prepares a coach or leader for everything he will face. Adversity and confusion comes from all angles and...

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Three Tools of a Great Encourager

He was the team's voice, its cheerleader. Whenever someone needed encouragement, he was their guy. Whenever things got quiet in the dugout, he picked up the volume. He always seemed to know the right thing to say at the right time to elevate everyone else around him....

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