I coached a guy once who wasn’t the most talented, didn’t really pass the “look” test, was overlooked by most people who saw the team play, didn’t wow anyone with anything in particular he did. But he was relentless. Every day, he showed up.

Every day, he worked his tail off.

Every day, he kept pushing.

Every day, he refused to quit when it got tough.

Every day, he did the little things.

Every day. I could go on. The point is, this ordinary guy with ordinary talent turned himself into a really good player. More importantly, he turned himself into one of the best examples and mentors for younger guys I’ve ever been around.

He did it one day at a time.

I think there’s a parallel with that in Luke 1:6 – “They were both righteous in the sight of God, walking blamelessly in all the commandments and requirements of the Lord.” That can’t be said about you unless you do those things every day, which is what I assume Zacharias and Elizabeth did.

Every day, they humbled themselves before the Lord.

Every day, they prayed the same prayers.

Every day, they studied the Scriptures.

Every day, the let God shape their character.

Every day, they repented.

Every day, they obeyed.

Every day, they just did what God called them to do.

It added up to a life that pleased God and impacted others.

There’s really no secret here. On and off the field, life is just about the “Every Day” stuff. We don’t really have to wonder what God’s will for our lives is. Just walk with him every day. That’s it.

And that’s huge.

Lord Jesus, let today be the first of every day I walk with you. Amen.