It’s for anyone, but not for everyone. That’s what he told them during the first meeting with the team each year. This program is for anyone. Anyone who wants to commit. Anyone who wants to reach the standard. Anyone who will give all they have. Anyone who makes it a lifestyle.

But this program is not for everyone. Not everyone wants to spend this much time. Not everyone wants to work hard. Not everyone wants to be coached. Not everyone can accept their role. Not everyone can handle it.

When Jesus called his first disciples in Matthew 4:19-22, he proved he is for anyone, but not for everyone.

He is for anyone–the fishermen, tax collectors, the sinners of his day and every day. Anyone can find hope, peace, forgiveness, unconditional love, and eternal life in him.

But he is not for everyone–“follow me,” he said. Not everyone will. Not everyone will die to himself. Not everyone will admit their sin. Not everyone will claim Jesus alone for salvation and forgiveness. Not everyone will leave the old life and turn to the new.

Follow me, he said. That’s a life of discipleship offered to anyone, but it’s certainly not for everyone.

Follow me. Leave it all behind. Start over. Receive new life. Die to yourself. Take up your cross. Follow me.

Lord Jesus, I’m dying to myself, taking up my cross, and following you. Amen.