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One Day…

I wish I had spent more time with him. Life circumstances didn't really allow it, but now that I'm in my current role as a head coach, I wish I had been around him more. Coach Bill Miller was my coaching mentor, example, and hero. So many lessons. So many things that...

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coach’s counselor

Podcast: Rick McCarty

Coach Rick McCarty of Abilene Christian University joins the podcast, giving perspective and wisdom for anyone wanting to create a championship culture. Rick enters his first year as a head coach after nearly two decades as an assistant. Coach McCarty understands how...

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Spring Training Trip, Part 5: Help

You would think—or at least I did—that professional baseball players don’t really need any help. After all, aren’t they the machines we watch on television throughout the season? Don’t they show up every day needing no one and nothing?  Can’t they just do on the field...

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