game notes

Biblical reflections about
happenings on the field.

Spring Training Trip, Part 5: Help

You would think—or at least I did—that professional baseball players don’t really need any help. After all, aren’t they the machines we watch on television throughout the season? Don’t they show up every day needing no one and nothing?  Can’t they just do on the field...

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Spring Training Trip, Part 4: Pinnacle

Honestly, it's hard to describe. There's just nothing like Spring Training. Over 200 young men competing for less than 200 roster spots. Seven practice fields better than anything I ever played on. One field just for taking ground balls. Another just for bunting....

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Spring Training Trip, Part 3: Overwhelmed

I couldn’t sleep the night we arrived in Phoenix. Still a little tense from the flight and all the logistics of rental cars and getting to the hotel, I was also just overwhelmed. By how all this came together. By getting to be there with my son. By what I was about to...

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Spring Training Trip, Part 2: Pain

I hadn’t flown since before 9/11. Entering the Nashville airport, my son and I had no idea what to expect. Having read everything I could about the latest security regulations, we felt as prepared as we could be. Our shuttle dropped us at the terminal entrance, where...

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Spring Training Trip, Part 1: Connections

It began with an email out of nowhere. Honestly, I have no idea who reads my blog and listens to my podcast. Analytics are available, I know, but I don’t check them. So the email from Steve Mintz came out of nowhere, at least to me. Each morning during Spring...

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Podcast: Sam Marsonek

Special Guest Sam Marsonek is the Director of Baseball Operations for Baseball Country, a 50-acre complex dedicated to raising quality baseball players who know and love Jesus. A former first-round draft pick, Sam made his Major League debut in 2004. God later changed...

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Podcast: Braden Webb

Special guest Braden Webb joins the show to talk about life as a Christian on and off the field. Now a minor league pitcher for the Milwaukee Brewers, Braden has seen his share of ups and downs. If you’re a parent or coach, be sure the players in your life hear this...

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Podcast: Lessons from the Hot Stove

Hot Stove season is exciting, fun, and full of action...or it’s confusing, hurtful, and anxious. Life can be the same way and Brad discuses it on this episode. Search it on your podcast app or follow one of these links: Web iTunes Stitcher TuneIn

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Podcast: Sermon Rewind–I Can’t

What do you do when you know you can’t do what God has called you to do? Grab a Bible and study Exodus 3-4 with Brad in this Sermon Rewind episode. Search it on your podcast app or follow one of these links: Web iTunes Stitcher TuneIn

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