His swing was broken, but he wouldn’t listen. Somehow, the plummeting batting and on-base averages weren’t enough for him to admit his need for help. Not only that…his life was broken, too. A series of rebellious decisions, in the face of pleading from his parents, coaches, and mentors, caused irreparable damage to several relationships and to his future on and off the field.

Proverbs 15:5 puts it this way: “A fool despises his father’s discipline, but a person who accepts correction is sensible.”

The fool rejects discipline, feels confined by it, despises anyone who stands in his way of doing life HIS way.

On the other hand, the sensible player or coach will take all the correction he can get.

Here’s how to know which one you are…

What’s my response to teaching? If I roll my eyes each time a parent, coach, or mentor reminds me of what is right and what is wrong, a foolish path is beneath my feet.

What’s my response to rebuke? When someone calls me out for doing the wrong thing, I learn a lot just by paying attention to my first response. Am I offended, angered, indignant? If so, there’s a good chance I’m on a foolish path.

What’s my response to correction? In Scripture, the idea of correction is that of putting back together what has fallen or broken. On or off the field, my response to someone helping me to know how to make adjustments reveals much about my heart.

What’s my response to training? Whether or not I’m willing to accept the discipline to live, play, or coach well speaks volumes about who I am inside.

Teaching, rebuking, correcting, training…that’s the role of my parents, coaches, or mentors…God set it up that way. How I respond determines whether I’m a fool or one of wisdom.

Lord Jesus, put people in my life who will speak your words to me, teaching me, rebuking me, correcting me, training me from the Scripture. Show me how to walk in humility, on and off the field. Amen.