Every year during the postseason, managers seem to rely on a select few guys out of the bullpen. When the game is on the line, when runners are on base, when there is no margin for error, the manager must choose the guy(s) he trusts most. It isn’t always the guy whose stuff is most impressive–if he can’t control that heat, he can’t be trusted. It isn’t always the guy who is most intimidating–if he can’t actually get guys out, his intro music doesn’t matter much.

The manager is looking for a guy he can trust. To command his pitches. To not let things get worse. To ensure things get better. To keep those runners from scoring. To come through when he is needed.

Proverbs 31:10 speaks of someone far more important than a late-inning relief pitcher. “The heart of her husband trusts in her, and he will have no lack of gain.”

Just like the manager looks for a reliever he can trust, the Bible here alludes to the search for a wife who can be trusted. The previous verse says this kind of woman is worth far more than things we would put in a safe deposit box.

If you’re an unmarried guy, you need a woman you can trust. To not find her worth in her looks. To love Jesus more than she loves you. To keep herself pure for the glory of God. To be true to her word. To encourage you when you can’t get it together. To forgive you when you fail. To know who she is and never compromise.

She might or might not have the most impressive “stuff,” but she will have the stuff of integrity, grace, character, commitment, and all the rest that you will so desperately need in the future from the woman you want to marry.

If you’re a married guy, praise God if yours is a wife you can trust. Tell her. That you trust her. That she makes your life better. That you know just how blessed you are. That her character and love for the Lord are what you value most.

If you don’t have a trustworthy woman on the horizon, humble yourself before the Lord and beg him to bring one into your life or to change the one already there. Ask him for his best for you.

Lord Jesus, help me to value the women in my life the way you do. Give me eyes to see beyond what is simply impressive. Amen.