Five tool players are rare. Most guys are weak in at least a couple of areas. To run fast, throw well, defend proficiently, hit for average, and hit for power…that rarely comes in the same package. There’s nothing more valuable in the game than a player who has all those tools.

We know what’s valuable in the toolkit of a ball player. The challenge today is to stop and consider what tools we need to successfully navigate the life that God has called us to. We can’t all be five-tool players, but we can all receive the tools available to us from the Lord.

Proverbs 8:14 reveals four tools available to us: “Counsel is mine and sound wisdom; I am understanding, power is mine.”

Wisdom personified is speaking in Proverbs 8. He scouts for those who are inexperienced and naïve, and then offers to develop in them the tools necessary to do well now and later.

Counsel. From godly wisdom we get godly advice. It’s beyond advice, really. It’s not just an opinion, but insight from the heart of God himself. Such counsel is invaluable as we seek to navigate our current stage of life and the ones ahead of us.

Sound wisdom. There is so-called wisdom that isn’t sound, the “wisdom” of those whose hearts are far from God, who care nothing for him or his word. Then, there is the sound wisdom from the Scripture. It’s been tested over the centuries and always proven to be grounded, solid, and unchanging. Tired of being blown back and forth by everyone’s opinions or whatever is trending on social media? God offers sound wisdom in his word.

Understanding. Some players have great instincts, knowing where to be and what to do before anything happens. They anticipate outcomes and read situations with proficiency. They get it. They understand the game. What if you and I could operate like that in life? What if, in every situation, we understood the big picture and what we should do next? Through the wisdom of God, such understanding is yours for the taking.

Power. Spectacular defensive plays are impressive. Leading the league in batting average is something special. But there’s nothing like watching a guy launch a pitch deep into the stands. Power is awe-inspiring. We often think of power in life as the ability and willingness to press one’s will upon others. However, the power that godly wisdom wants to put in your toolkit is a far greater and deeper power. God wants to develop in you the power of character, of self-control, of situational intelligence, of self-sacrifice.

Lord Jesus, give me the tools for life that you value. Amen.