It’s just not fair. A coach or a team leader treats some players one way and others a different way. A coach or team leader doesn’t hold himself to the same standards he expects of his players. A coach or team leader isn’t completely honest with their feedback. A coach or team leader allows some players to be hazed and bullied.

It’s just not fair…and it’s just not right. Something inside us screams when we witness all the above.

Proverbs 16:11 points out an important truth: “A just balance and scales belong to the Lord; all of the weights of the bag are his concern.”

This verse falls into the context of teaching about how to lead and rule with integrity. God wanted to be sure the king and the people understood what was right in the Lord’s eyes–and justice is right in the Lord’s eyes.

Since God cares deeply about justice, here are three things I would want my program to be known for:

High standards. For everyone, including myself, all the time. Programs that are full of justice make it clear that players and coaches operate by the same expectations of character, behavior, attitude, and responsibility. Injustice happens when someone, because of talent or position, is allowed to operate by a lower set of standards.

Honest feedback. If the Lord doesn’t like dishonest scales, it stands to reason that he prefers honest discussion and feedback. Honest feedback gives an accurate assessment of a player’s standing in the program, his projected role on the team, and his areas of needed improvement. Dishonest feedback convinces a player of something he’s not, often just because we feel honesty would hurt his feelings.

Human dignity. Injustice is done to those who often can do nothing about it. It steals their dignity. A coach, team leader, or program that values human dignity will prevent and punish any form of bullying, will preach that everyone matters regardless of talent level, and will extend love and compassion to all players, coaches, and parents–just because they exist.

High standards, honest feedback, and human dignity. Since the Lord knows, cares about, and can be glorified through everything that happens in our programs, it seems these are three things we can do to ensure that “all the weights in the bag” are fair and right for everyone in our program.

Lord Jesus, make me a coach or team leader who cares about the things you care about. Help me to do what is right in your eyes and right by the people you’ve put in my life. Amen.