Son, I know it might not make much sense now, but it’s vital that you listen. Let me explain a few things to you.

You know how seriously I take your work ethic at practice? One day, you’ll have to provide for a family who depends on you even more than your teammates now.

You know how I make you take care of and carry your own equipment? One day, you’ll have responsibilities heavier than you can imagine.

You know how I expect you to never make fun of a teammate or opponent? One day, you’ll be the hero for someone no one else cares about.

You know how it seems like you can’t get away with ANYTHING when you’re playing for me? One day, details will make or break you.

You know how I drive you crazy by incessantly talking about and showing you what the Big Leaguers do? One day, you’ll be like the people you’ve surrounded yourself with.

Proverbs 13:1—”A wise son accepts his father’s discipline, but a scoffer does not listen to rebuke.”

Son, I’m not perfect and I won’t ever be, but God has given me the responsibility for training you to submit to authority, appreciate discipline, learn from correction, and be a man. We won’t always get along. We won’t always see everything the same way. We won’t always pull in the same direction. But, I love you and, more importantly, God loves you. His authority, discipline, and correction are live-saving for you. Just remember that what we do on the field has a higher purpose.