Years ago, I had a game I would love to forget. While playing for Murray State University against the University of Georgia on the road, I made it look like I had never before set foot on a baseball field. Early in the game, while playing second base, I called emphatically for a popup behind first base. Somehow, it landed behind me as I stood waiting for it to fall into my glove. During my first at-bat, I redeemed myself with a single to left field, only to trip over first base and fall flat on my face. Crawling back to the base summed up my day.

There’s nothing in baseball worse than plays like that. They’re embarrassing and humiliating. They reveal a lack of focus.

Looking back, I was not prepared for that game. My mind was somewhere else, and it showed. I took too many things for granted, assuming I could trot over and catch a popup or that making a turn at first base didn’t require I concentrate.

Stumbling in a baseball game is one thing, but stumbling in life can be devastating. Yet, how many of us find ourselves doing just that on a regular basis?

Proverbs 4:12– “When you walk, your steps will not be impeded; and if you run, you will not stumble” (NASB).

That proverb lets us know that it is God’s wisdom that will keep us from obstacles and from falling. It isn’t our skill at life, our intelligence, or our personalities. Those things lull us to sleep, convincing us that we’re ok, that nothing can happen to someone as outstanding as us. It’s only when we fall on our faces in marriage, parenting, relationships, playing, coaching, or decision-making that we realize we aren’t quite as smart as we first thought.

Because you and I are human, there will still be days when we drop the proverbial popup or trip rounding first base. But implementing God’s wisdom on a daily basis ensures that such things will be rare in our lives. Problems will still come, but those caused by our foolishness will be reduced. And, let’s face it, the problems created by our own foolishness are often the most detrimental to our lives. It’s time to trust the wisdom of God, which is summed up in the person and work of Jesus Christ.

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