Before last night’s match-up between the Rays and Rangers, much was made of Rays’ pitcher David Price’s struggles against the Rangers. His performance was dismal at best, and pathetic at worst, in his career against Texas, especially against the guys in the Rangers’ lineup last night.

His track record wasn’t good, but David Price gave us all a big “so what?” as he tossed a complete game, sending his team into the Wild-Card game against Cleveland.

That’s what great pitchers do. They forget what is behind them, good or bad, and focus on the here and now, with an eye toward the future.

There’s an incredible lesson from Price in all of this. How many of us right now have our backs against the wall, in a must-win situation, with a poor track record behind us?

You’ve failed as a husband, father, worker, leader, follower of Christ. You’ve messed up so much and you’re facing that same old enemy again. It’s time to fold your tent, admit that you don’t have it, and go home defeated.

Or, it’s not.

I believe it’s time to stare your track record in the face and say “so what?”

It’s your terrible track record that Jesus died for. It’s your inability to perform under pressure that his death and resurrection have overcome. He did what you couldn’t do and now offers you his life in exchange for yours. Your track record of failure for his track record of perfection.

It’s time to forget what is behind and look forward to what God has in store for you now and in the future. God offers you a new track record and a new future in Jesus. He defines you, not your past, not your mistakes, not your failures, not your sin.

Your track record isn’t good. So what? That’s why Jesus died and now lives again.