When I was in high school, February had just one important date. I’m not referring to Valentines Day…not hardly. I’m referring to February 15, the day we were allowed to begin baseball practice. It was a big deal. Every year on February 15, I think of several things. I’ll post the first lesson today, followed by several more this week.

It’s cold on a baseball field in mid-February. Really cold. Not a chance of getting warm cold. But, the cold was worth it because a new season had started. Stories of cold and snowy practices are legendary at PRP, but those who played look back on them now and wish we were starting practice today. Those cold days made us who we were. When other teams cashed it in and stayed inside or canceled practice, we went after it. Hard work in the cold pays off. Life with the Lord is the same way, you know. The discipline to walk with Him, to pray, to be faithful seems difficult on the “cold” days, but it pays major dividends later.

Don’t give up when it’s cold in your life. Surrender your all to Jesus and let Him live through you. He makes the cold pay off.