Nothing great ever happened without a plan. No great plan comes together through the mind of only one person. Every successful game, business, or church plan takes more than one individual to think about it and make it happen. A coaching staff collaborates to ensure they aren’t missing anything before they begin the execution of the game plan. If it’s haphazard, it will not work in the long run.

Proverbs 20:18 says it like this: “Finalize plans through counsel, and wage war with sound guidance” (HCSB). None of us will likely directing a war anytime soon, but the principle is timeless. Just as a general in war, or a coaching staff in a game needs a plan, so does every life. And those plans need counsel and sound guidance. He is a fool who goes through life under his own direction and advice. None of us is wise enough to go it alone. Yet, we are often arrogant enough to believe we can.

Where in your life have you gone away from counsel and sound guidance Look hard at your areas of greatest competence and confidence. These are often traps leading us to individualized living and decision making. You and I need the counsel of the Scripture, of God’s Holy Spirit, and of the godly and wise people God has placed in our lives. If you desire to be who God created you to be, surround yourself with godly counselors and quality guides.

Here’s a prayer to pray if you resonate with Proverbs 20:18:

Dear Lord Jesus, I am humbled by your wisdom. I recognize you as the wonderful counselor, sent by God the Father, to lead me through life. I pray for the guidance of your Holy Spirit and submit to your leadership. Please make me wise, always finalizing my plans through godly counsel and sound guidance. Amen.