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Free Planning Resource for Coaches

Free from Baseball Pastor Ministry...a season planning template for coaches. The 5-4-3 Season Planning Method takes the headache out of remembering all you need to cover. Simply download, print, and get started. Download: 5-4-3 Season Planning...

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Twelve Days of Christmas for Coaches

To be sung to the tune of "The Twelve Days of Christmas," here's what Santa can bring our coaches this year.   Twelve second-guessers (Anything less than twenty is great). Eleven great pregame speeches (Just call me Motivator of the Year). Ten supportive parents (This...

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Five People Every Coach Should Thank

Coach, if you're waiting around to be appreciated, you'll wait forever. If you're just hoping a culture of respect and appreciation develops under your watch, you're hope is naive. For all coaches, it starts with us. This Thanksgiving, join me in doing unto others...

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Thanks, Coach

Coaching is hard and often thankless. So, on behalf of all of us whose kids play for you, let me say thanks to every coach who read this. Thank you for the hours and work no one sees. Thank you for the money spent from your pocket to cover team expenses. Thank you for...

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A Coach’s Prayer List

I get to coach an incredible bunch of young guys. They are special. Individually, they are varied in talent, interest, and experience, but collectively, they work harder than any group I've ever been around at any level. They are resilient, coachable, and fun to be...

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5 Types of Leaders on Every Team

What is the essence of leadership? What does it mean to lead players? To lead teammates? To be a team captain? To be a great coach? Here are a few types of leaders you might find on your coaching staff or team. The dictator. He is all business, all the time, whipping...

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This Season Can Be Different

It's almost here. In a short few weeks, practices and games will signal the beginning of another baseball season. None of us has any idea what the season will hold. Sometimes you'll win. Sometimes you'll lose. Sometimes it will rain. What if in the midst of the wins,...

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Don’t Listen to Matt Harvey

It was a great World Series, despite lasting only five games. Kansas City, based on their 4-1 victory over the Mets, appeared to dominate the series, but that obscures how even it really was. The Mets led in several games, forcing the Royals' dramatic comebacks and...

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Getting Ready for Next Season

Coach, Are you ready for another season? For many coaches, the off-season has begun. Instead of games, the focus is now conditioning, strength training, and possibly working with individual players on certain skills. Conferences and clinics are on the way. As coaches...

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