I spent the weekend watching baseball games. I normally spend the weekends watching baseball games, but this was different. I was watching games in an unprecedented season, one that may or may not finish what it has started.

Regardless of the outcome, watching those games reminded me of what I missed about the game.

Here are five things of many.

1: I missed my team. I missed watching them, following them, complaining about them, and managing them from my living room.

2: I missed the game at the highest level. The best against the best is so much fun to watch.

3: I missed listening to games on the radio. On the mower. Washing dishes. While I go to sleep. There’s nothing like a game on the radio.

4: I missed watching games with my family. It’s what we do.

5: I even missed the bad announcers. Maybe. Sort of.

Baseball is back and I’ll enjoy it as long as it lasts.