It’s odd, isn’t it? For days on end, we quarantine ourselves at home, venturing out only for basic necessities or because of mandatory work attendance. Two weeks ago, this was a problem for other people in the world, as it usually is in the minds of we Americans. Now, it’s on our doorstep, forcing us to make adjustments reserved only for those in other countries. We are free and independent and in control, after all.

It’s odd, isn’t it? When all that is taken away. When all of our freedom, independence, and control are shown for what they are–a mirage. Just like a hitter taking whatever the pitcher throws his way, we stand in the batter’s box of life, guessing at what will happen next.

It’s odd, isn’t it? Having to submit to a series of adjustments we aren’t sure will bring immediate relief. Some of us have rejected those adjustments, believing that God will protect us even as we reject good sense and wisdom. Some of us have embraced them, not leaving the house for more than a few minutes if we can help it.

It’s odd. It sure is. So was building an ark, leaving home at age 75, talking to a burning bush, facing a giant with a slingshot, leaving everything to follow a no-name teacher, and submitting to death on a cross. God is the God of the odd, it would seem.

It’s odd, but He’s God. Maybe we’re ok, no matter what.