To compete at a high level on the field requires an unyielding commitment to doing things the right way, on and off the field. It isn’t easy, which is why players and teams around the country routinely do not reach their potential. Taking no shortcuts, committing to the process, showing up every day to do the same simple things…it gets boring.

But it takes what it takes.

Walking with Jesus is the same way. It takes what it takes–commitment, doing things the right way, showing up every day with him.

After hearing from the angel Gabriel, Joseph simply did what God told him to do, nothing more and nothing less. What a great example.

He didn’t make a big deal out of it. He simply had an unyielding commitment to doing things the right way. And that was enough. That’s what pleased God.

What’s right in front of you? What has God already said that you can start to do today? What’s the next right decision you need to make?

Make an unyielding commitment to the Lord, to simply do what he’s told you to do. It will be enough.

Lord Jesus, one step at a time, I will follow you. Amen.