He liked to work quickly on the mound. Knowing his game plan and what he wanted to do to the hitters, he was ready for the next pitch as soon as he received the ball from the catcher. Without much hesitation, he nodded in agreement with the number put down, then got the ball through his target.

Of course, the hitters despised this tactic. Never comfortable in the box, they knew they had to do something to upset the pitcher’s rhythm.

“Time!” Over and over they called for it. “Time!” As soon as the pitcher nodded for the sign. “Time!” In order to disrupt his plans and momentum. “Time!”

Matthew 1:18-25 records the incredible interaction between Joseph, the earthly father of Jesus, and Gabriel, the angel sent by God to inform Joseph of the fact that he would be the earthly father of Jesus.

Imagine it for a moment. Young man. Entire life ahead of him. Everything planned out. Engaged to a girl he will build a life with.

“Time!”, says Gabriel on behalf of God.

Instead of all you have planned, here’s Jesus. Instead of the life you imagined, here’s Jesus. Instead of what you knew was going to happen, here’s Jesus.

Jesus brought complete disruption to Joseph’s life, and in every way.

That’s what he does.

When Jesus enters the picture, if you’re life isn’t disrupted, you don’t truly know him. Once he calls “Time!” in your life, everything is different. No, you might not feel comfortable with it all at first, but like Joseph, perhaps you and I will simply bend our wills to his, welcoming the disruption that we know will ultimately shape us into his image.

Lord Jesus, go ahead, disrupt my life with who you are, with your will, with your thoughts, with your Word. Amen.