Baseball is such a great game. It’s the only game where the defense has the ball. It has no time limit. Players who aren’t good at offense must still often hit for themselves, while those who aren’t good at defense can still often be found by the ball. It’s a game where no one player can completely change everything. Even a dominant pitcher can only throw so many innings. Even the best hitter comes to bat once each time through the order.

Nobody can change everything.

Until he does.

Abraham trusted God and was a model for our faith.

David was a king devoted to the Lord.

Solomon was wiser than anyone around.

Joseph was simple and honorable.

But even Abraham gave up hope, David sinned big, Solomon forgot where his gifts came from, and Joseph was forgettable.

None of them changed everything.

Only the last one listed in Matthew’s Messiah genealogy changed it all.

He did back then, and he does today.

Jesus changes everything.

For a family line riddled with sin and shame, Jesus provided redemption.

For disciples who didn’t understand and abandoned him, Jesus provided a second chance.

For a world where death is certain, Jesus provided life beyond the grave.

Jesus changes everything.

Let him.

Lord Jesus, change it all, inside and out. Change me. Amen.