He honestly couldn’t believe it. Truthfully, he thought it was a joke. Really, there was no way.

Overwhelmed, he staggered away from the paper taped to the outside of the coach’s office. Somehow, he made the team.

But he wasn’t that good. He hadn’t done anything to really impress the coach. He knew he wouldn’t play. There were other guys more qualified and talented.

Maybe it was a misprint.

Timidly, he walked into the office.



“Well, I’m just wondering if I actually did make the team.”

“Is your name on the list?”

“Yessir, it is.”

“Well, then, what’s the problem?”

“It’s just, Coach, well, I’m not really that good.”

“You’re on the team because I want you on the team. Not everyone, including you, will understand all the reasons, but trust me, and you’ll see them one day. You don’t have to be great for me to use you on the team.”

“Ok, Coach, see you at practice.”

To some, it must seem like a joke. God includes people who just aren’t ‘great’–or even ‘good’–in his story, even in the story of Jesus (see Matthew 1). The list of Jesus’ ancestors is full of sinners and failures, people who lacked knowledge and skill and talent.

That didn’t matter to God. He does things no one but him seems to understand. And he asks us to trust him and just submit.

Don’t be shocked. It’s not a joke. Your Heavenly Father created you, loves you, and wants to use your life for his Glory. Lean into that.

Lord Jesus, take my life and lead me. Do what you want in and through me. Amen.