They were awful, the Cubs teams I remember ask a kid. Despite the occasional decent season, they always seemed to either be at the bottom of the division or find a way to lose when they were at the top. It was amazing.

More amazing was the capacity crowd that showed up for every game. They loved being at the ballpark, even to cheer on an abysmal team.

Finally, in 2016, the Chicago Cubs repaid their loyal fans with a century-long awaited World Series championship.

The stability of those Cubs fans reminds me of Proverbs 10:30–“The righteous will never be shaken, but the wicked will not dwell in the land.”

Cubs fans were never shaken, despite all those lean years. Ultimately, they reached the pinnacle of the baseball world.

Likewise, and in a far more important arena, those who receive by faith and surrender the righteousness of  Jesus by faith, aren’t shaken by what life throws at them.

They stand on a firm foundation.

Others fly by the seat of their pants, but not them.

They help steady those around them.

They don’t fly high with every win or sink low with every loss.

On the other hand, as this verse says, those who don’t know the Lord exist in a world that is ultimately a mirage, one that will be taken from them. There is no final stability for those who are apart from Him, those who reject Jesus by their unbelief.

There was something special about watching Cubs fans enjoy a long-awaited World Series title. There will be an even greater celebration one day in heaven for those who persevered by faith in Jesus Christ.

Press on.

Lord Jesus, sometimes I want to give up. Keep me going. Amen.