He was struggling. So much was happening that he didn’t understand. At home. With the team. At school. It seemed that everything was caving in around him. He needed someone to talk to, but the fear of someone posting it on social media prevented him from discussing it with anyone.

Proverbs 13:17 highlights something very important: “A wicked messenger falls into adversity, but a faithful envoy brings healing.”

A few thoughts…

With information comes responsibility. It is a trust, really. Something deposited and in need of protecting. Information given to us by a friend or family member, or even just an acquaintance…we have a responsibility to either say something or say nothing, but always with the intent of helping and protecting.

Very few people have someone they can trust. Kids learn this early. Adults learn it every day. Protectors of our information and disclosures are few and far between. So many can’t wait to get details they can then share with others. I’m challenged to be someone others can trust with their private information.

Keeping things in confidence is a sign of incredible maturity. It’s a separator. It’s a precursor to leadership. To be told something and to not repeat or reveal it…so very rare, so very humble, so very mature.

Responsible, trustworthy, mature. The kind of person Jesus desires us to be.

Lord Jesus, help me to be someone others can trust, someone who protects and guards information, someone who loves people like you do. Amen.