Coaches can easily label their players…there is the kind who doesn’t really care, the kind who play because their parents want them to, the kind who are in it for themselves, the kind who would run through a wall for you, the kind who never stops working…etc. There are some desirable labels: leader, worker, scrapper, grinder. And some that aren’t so desirable: lazy, selfish, trouble, uncoachable.

God labels people too. Some of his labels are desirable, such as when he called Job “blameless”, or called David “a man after my own heart”, or said of Jesus, “this is my beloved Son…”

One particular label God can put on folks is particularly undesirable: proud.

It’s mentioned in Proverbs 30:13–“There is a kind–oh how lofty are his eyes! And his eyelids are raised in arrogance.”

What’s so wrong with pride?

For starters, God hates it. Hates it. He says it over and over in his word. He despises it because it’s pride that keeps us from receiving his lordship. So long as we are convinced of our own strength and ability, we will keep God at an arm’s length, even if we are “church” people. He must be first in all and through all. We must decrease, he must increase.

Likewise, people hate it. Let’s be honest, nobody but arrogant people enjoy being around arrogant people. There’s something about a lofty and arrogant person that puts us off, makes us want to coach or play with someone else.

The Scripture is clear: to know God requires humility, a willingness to admit our own spiritual bankruptcy, and a desperate desire for new life in Jesus.

Lord Jesus, I want to be labeled as someone who simply wants to know you, more of you, every day. Make it so. Amen.