There have been several managers through the years in Major League Baseball who played for former Dodgers skipper Tommy Lasorda. There are only 30 teams in the Big Leagues, so Lasorda’s legacy is impressive. Lasorda is one of baseball’s historically great characters, but he was also a winning manager and mentor to hundreds of men, many of whom obviously desired to follow in his footsteps.

As players for Lasorda, these future managers certainly paid attention to his game tactics, his way of speaking to players and media, and his love for the game. Some would later coach for him and receive his mentoring on a different level.

There is likely no prouder moment or greater honor for Lasorda than when a former player or coach of his gets a job as a Big League manager.

Proverbs 7:1–“My son, keep my words, and treasure my commandments within you” (NASB).

Those are the words of a father to the son he loves, from a mentor to the one he has trained, from a current manager to a future manager. Just as Lasorda imparted his managerial wisdom to his players and coaches, so this biblical author does for those who are in his care.

The question is: who do you have in your life whose words and commandments are worth keeping and treasuring? Do you have an older, wiser person to count on for advice, to go to when times get tough? Or, are you out there on your own, making it up as you go?

God did not design you to walk through life alone and figure things out on your own. He wants to provide you with wise guidance through His Word, His Holy Spirit, and through godly mentors. Our responsibility is to submit to them.

If you find yourself without guidance, without someone like Lasorda was for those future manager, pray now that God would bring them to you, that you would recognize them, that you would humbly submit to their wisdom.

Heavenly Father, I need people in my life like Tommy Lasorda was for all of those future managers. Lead me to godly mentors. Help me to recognize them when I see them. Amen.