The coach made only one guarantee: you’ll be better after your time here, even if you don’t play as much as you’d like, than if you were playing every day anywhere else. Time after time, he was proven correct. Players who bought in, who committed themselves to the program, found themselves reaping the benefits later. They got better, won more games than they should have, and enjoyed it along the way.

Proverbs 2 is a chapter that illustrates how this works in life.

The first five verses show our role, how we are to buy in to God’s program: receive his word, seek his wisdom, learn from him.

Verses 6-9 reveal God’s role, how he as the ultimate coach stands ready to give wisdom, offering his protection to those who trust in him, showing them the way to live.

What follows are the results and benefits.

Internally, those who buy in to God’s program begin to see life from his perspective.

Externally, those who go after God’s wisdom are shown how to avoid sin and those who will eventually face punishment for their sin.

God’s guarantee is like that of the coach: you’ll be better off following my program, learning from me, even if things don’t always go your way, than if you do life your way. Eternally better off.

Lord Jesus, thank you for what you did to guarantee me eternal life. I give myself to you and your way of life. Amen.