Eventually, players separate themselves. Talent being equal, the guy who works the hardest becomes the best. Even without equal talent, the one who outworks everyone else, putting in extra time in the cage, in drills, in the weight room…he can surpass all the guys with more talent.

And that’s the guy the manager and coaches want. Lots of guys have talent. Few are willing to outwork everyone.

Proverbs 31:14 speaks of this kind of attitude in a great woman–“She looks for wool and flax and works with her hands in delight.”

This chapter of Proverbs is all about the kind of woman every man needs in his life. Specifically in verse 14, she is shown to be a hard worker. Both inside and outside her home, with whatever she does, she works diligently and relentlessly to help provide what is needed for her family.

Far beyond relegating women to second-class status, this chapter (see also the ministry and words of Jesus) praises godly women for their character, work ethic, value, and contributions.

Fellas, ask God for that kind of woman. She’s the kind to be pursued. Any woman can dress up on the outside, but character and hard work will last a lifetime. The woman of verse 14 is a keeper…she will add value to your life, will bring out the best in you, will be one who remains faithful even when it’s not convenient.

Lord Jesus, as a single man, give me the kind of woman you value. As a married man, use me to bring out the best in my wife. Amen.