Who’s leading your team? Who’s been entrusted with responsibility over your players, your sons? How well do you know them? Would you be content if those players and sons became like those leaders and coaches?

Proverbs 26:10–“Like an archer who wounds everyone, so is he who hires a fool or hires those who pass by.”

Read that verse carefully. It’s not the fool or the passer-by who is at fault, but the one who hires them. It is the employer, the one giving them leadership, that is the archer wounding everyone with these foolish and unqualified arrows.

A few principles come to mind:

Entrust with leadership those who have wisdom. More than mere skill as a coach or player, those who lead need wisdom above all. The best leaders I’ve ever known have been mean and women of incredible godly wisdom.

Entrust with leadership those who are faithful. They aren’t just passing by. They are bought in, committed to the program and its mission.

Entrust with leadership those who you don’t have to control. Those without wisdom or commitment must be watched closely, since they will do something stupid.

Entrust with leadership those who will bring health and healing to the people in your program. These are people of compassion who listen well, are self-disciplined, have high expectations, and refuse to make things about them.

Entrust with leadership people you would follow yourself.

If it is within your power, fire arrows of leadership that are wise and godly. Those under your leadership are counting on you.

Lord Jesus, show me who I should entrust with leadership, on and off the field in my life.