Sometimes failure is all you can see. I can’t get a hit, can’t get on base, can’t make a play, can’t get anyone out. As a player, I’m terrible. We don’t understand the game, can’t execute under pressure, and surely can’t win. As a coach, I’m awful.

And the more failure we experience, the more likely we are to be affected emotionally by it. Anxiety builds and we spiral farther downward.

Until we hear from that person. Until they talk us down. Until they reassure us of what we just can’t see right now.

Proverbs 12:25–“Anxiety in the heart of a man weighs it down, but a good word makes it glad.”

Anxiety is heavy.

Worry is defeating.

Fear of more failure is paralyzing.

But a good word changes all that.

A good word is true. It isn’t smoke-blowing. It’s spoken with reality in mind, but it speaks truth that can’t be seen through anxious eyes.

A good word is timely. It comes at the right time. Just as that player is about to give up. Just as that coach is about to lose it. The good word comes from a person who knows people and life very well.

A good word is touching. It hits the target because it knows the mind, heart, and emotions of the person to whom it’s spoken.

Look today for those who need a good word.

Pray today if you need a good word.

The best word, of course, is Jesus. True, timely, touching. He knows us and meets needs far beyond success on the baseball field.

Lord Jesus, give me a good word for others, or send a good word to me. I’m looking to you today. Amen.