“These guys think they know everything. They won’t listen. They need to be humbled by a few losses so they can decide they want to be coached again.”

I’ve said those very things about guys I’ve coached. All the while, I forget I was and am no different.

Proverbs 3:7…

Do not be wise in your own eyes…

How many of our problems result from an unwillingness to apply this principle?

How many times am I simply doing things my way because, well, it’s my way and I want to do it my way?

How many times will it take before I realize I don’t know all that I think I know?

How many heartaches could I save myself if, instead of thinking I have some knowledge or wisdom, I sought out people–God included–who know more than me?

Am I a subtle know-it-all, thinking I have nothing left to learn?

When people talk, do I simply not in agreement without really listening?

Am I just drifting in life, on and off the field, not seeing my deficiencies or thinking I have any?

Am I trusting my gut or what the Lord plainly teaches?

Am I a loner, thinking no one else has anything of benefit to provide me?

Fear the Lord…

When was the last time I lived as if I am truly accountable to God?

How often have I worshiped–just praised–God in the past month?

Am I still humbling myself each day before him in prayer?

Do I still hunger and thirst for his righteousness?

Am I determined to hear from him daily through the Scripture?

Am I submitted to him like clay to a potter?

Am I obedience to him like a disciple to a master?

Am I adjusting to him like stone to a sculptor?

…Turn away from evil.

Is sin a big deal to me?

If I discover sin in my life, will I renounce it, repent of it, and go a different direct, no matter the cost?

When I see temptation ahead of me, or surrounding me, do I avoid it, run from it, or do I flirt with it?

Do not be wise in your own eyes; fear the Lord and turn away from evil. Try it for a week.

Lord Jesus, open my eyes to my own foolishness, to your greatness, and to the evil surrounding me. Change me. Amen.