I text Bubba all the time during the season. He and I were teammates and we later coached together at our alma mater. Since I moved away from my hometown years ago, Bubba is my connection to how the team is doing.

I love hearing good news from Bubba. He’s with the players every day. I want to hear that the team is working hard and playing well. I will always care about what’s happening back home.

Proverbs 25:25–“Like cold water to a weary soul, so is good news from a distant land.”

It’s odd, but there’s just something about getting good news about my old team that brightens my day.

This verse, of course, isn’t exactly about a text from Bubba about baseball, but good news is something we all like to get.

Today, be a person of good news. Someone needs to hear it. Our world is filled with stories of tragedy, hatred, and sorrow–that won’t change. Today, be a bearer of good news for someone. Speak positively. Tell them something good that’s happening.

Today, be a person of encouragement. Someone is thirsty for it and about to give up. Most of us rarely receive “good news” about ourselves, especially from our selves. Drown those messages in the cold water of encouragement for someone today.

Today, be a person who talks about what Jesus is doing in your life. As much as I want to hear good things about my old team, there’s nothing that brings true joy like knowing that Jesus is at work somewhere in someone. Many believers are dry and desperate, needing to be reminded that Jesus is still doing what Jesus does.

Find a weary soul and give them Jesus today.

Lord Jesus, fill me up today so that I overflow with you to those who so desperately need you. Amen.