In recent years, Major League Baseball has developed “Statcast”¹ technology to analyze the basic facts about every hit, pitch, and play. We now know things like launch angle, exit velocity, spin rate, and route efficiency. It seems we have broken the game down to the point where every play can be evaluated objectively, where players can be thus evaluated without prejudice to their outward appearance.

We now know if a player is actually doing excellent things, or just passes the look test.

We now value players based upon things we didn’t pay attention to before.

Proverbs 31:10 speaks of someone far more valuable than the exit velocity leader–“An excellent wife, who can find? For her worth is far above jewels.”

Guys, hear the scripture. We spend our lives seeking so many things in and out of the game. And here’s God saying that a wife of excellent character is actually more elusive than a championship.

You can climb the hill in front of you, win all the championships, play a decade in the big leagues, set some records along the way, collect admiration and accolades, and still have nothing more valuable than an excellent wife.

So, why waste your time with dating, if not to find someone excellent?

Why consider other options, if you’ve found the excellent one God has provided for you?

Here’s what God’s Statcast would say about this excellent wife:

It’s not about what she looks like.

It’s not about how she makes you feel.

It’s not about what she will do for you.

It’s about who she is. Her looks will change; her character won’t.

It’s about who she’s committed to. Jesus first, you a distant second.

It’s about what she will walk away from. An excellent woman won’t stick around for a relationship based on physical attraction, sex, or any other superficial thing.

It’s about how she won’t compromise–not for you, not for anyone.

Pray now to find an excellent wife.

Pray now to recognize the excellent wife you have.

Pray now for God to use you to cultivate the excellence he wants your wife to have.

Lord Jesus, I’m so tired of the world’s message about women. Give me your view. Amen.

¹ MLB Statcast Leaderboard