It would be great if every coach were a godly man. It would be great if every leader in every program walked with Jesus. If that were the case, players around the country would be in the hands of people who cared deeply for them and not just for a selfish agenda. Coaches would then all speak to players as people, challenging them with firm but encouraging and uplifting words.

I know, it ain’t gonna happen. But wouldn’t it be great?

Proverbs 11:11–“By the blessing of the upright a city is exalted, but by the mouth of the wicked it is torn down.”

This points to what is usually visibly true. Usually, it’s easily seen that people who are “upright” are a blessing to those around them and the programs they lead. Usually, players would rather play for someone who challenges them, but is kind and not degrading. Usually, it’s a coach’s words that are his ally or enemy in the end. He lives and dies by them, as do all who surround him.

Coach, team leader, parent, captain…who can you bless with your words today? Who needs your encouragement? Who needs to not be insulted? Who needs something they don’t get at home? Who needs to be spoken to as if he is a creation of God, someone Jesus died for? Who needs to know that, yes, you’re there to challenge them, but, yes, you will do it in such a way that builds them up?

You can use your words to build your program (read: players), or they will eventually be used against you. Your choice.

Lord Jesus, guard my tongue. Fill me today with your Holy Spirit, so that through me, you speak to the players in my program. Amen.