They now have six state championship rings. They have each been there for well over 20 years. Richie and Sherm, assistant coaches at my high school alma mater, Pleasure Ridge Park in Louisville, KY. They’ve always been by the side of long time coach Bill Miller. Others, like myself, have come and gone over the years, but Richie and Sherm have just always seemed to be there. Coach Miller knows his long-term assistants can be relied on to care about the program, to enforce the values of the program, and to speak for him in his absence.

Proverbs 8:30 highlights how God’s wisdom is like that for him–“Then I (wisdom) was beside him, as a master workman; and I was daily his delight, rejoicing always before him.”

Wisdom speaks here, indicating that it was with God from the beginning, used in creation, and simply an extension of who God is. Of course, wisdom itself isn’t in charge–God is–but wisdom is like the faithful assistant who’s been around forever.

God delights in his wisdom and his wisdom projects glory back onto him. Wisdom is sent forth to do great work in the lives of God’s people and in his incredible creation.

It’s clear from God’s emphasis on the importance of his wisdom from eternity past that it is to be highly valued and utilized.

His wisdom, like a long-time assistant, is trustworthy. Why don’t we trust it? We like our own opinions better.

His wisdom, like a long-time assistant, shares his values. Why don’t we share those values? We like ours better.

His wisdom, like a long-time assistant, speaks for him. Why don’t we listen? We think we’ve got it all figured out.

God sends out his wisdom as a coach, not for something as eternally insignificant as a baseball practice, but to show us the path that leads to eternal life. It appears foolish to the rest of the world for us to follow wisdom from a God we can’t see, but those who follow such “foolishness” receive life evermore. Humble yourself today and receive God’s wisdom.

Lord Jesus, you are the ultimate sign of God’s wisdom. Through what appeared to be defeat, you defeated death on a cross. Today, give me your wisdom, which seems so foolish to the world. Amen.