Some stories don’t end well. You strike out. Your teams loses. Things fall apart. Sometimes, it’s not your fault. Sometimes, it’s just life and baseball. Yet, some stories don’t end well and that ending could have been prevented. I’ve seen it. You’ve seen it. A teammate chooses to live in a way that is sure to end in disaster. A coach can’t handle the pressure and begins destructive habits that ruin his job and his marriage.

Often, those who begin the journey down a destructive path don’t recognize (or refuse to acknowledge) that the path is indeed destructive. Naively, they think they’re just blowing off steam, just having a little fun, just sowing some wild oats. But, we know better, don’t we? From the outside looking in, we can see clearly what’s going to happen.

What happens is what Proverbs 2:18 warns about: “For her house sinks down to death, and her tracks lead to the dead…”

“Her” is the proverbial wayward woman, who entices a young and naïve man to spend the night with her, live it up, and forget the consequences. Yet, “she” is a liar. There are consequences. Always. The morning arrives (inevitably) and finds the young man on the path to destruction, perhaps one to which he is now addicted.

And it all started with one step.

Many take that step because they believe lies: that “living it up” is really living, that God is holding out on them and just doesn’t want them to have fun, that “you’re only young once, so who cares?” All lies, but sometimes we realize that too late.

Here are a few  things to remember when the proverbial wayward woman (sin personified) entices you.

You will not be the one person in history to escape the consequences of your decisions. No one ever has. It won’t be you. It won’t be me.

God’s Word provides for us. What? Life to the fullest, Jesus said. Everything else is an illusion. You and I will either discover that in this life or the next. Trust him. God doesn’t lie.

God’s Word protect us. From what? That path of destruction we are fooled into thinking ends in something incredible.

Provision and protection. That’s why God steers us toward the narrow path. Will you trust him and walk with him today?

Lord Jesus, open my eyes to the steps I’m taking down a bad path. Thank you for your promise to forgive my sin and to show me how to live life to the fullest, your way. Amen.