Most of us think we’re invincible. There’s nothing we can’t do, nothing that can stop us. On the field, we hit home runs, strike out batters, and make incredible plays. We create incredible game plans, scout the opponent efficiently, and coach our players to get the most out of them. We’ve proven over and over that we are something special. And that’s our greatest weakness.

Proverbs 2 is written from the perspective of a father pleading with his son to listen, to live with godly wisdom, and to avoid sin, to not believe he’s invincible. Toward the end of the chapter, the father warns his son of a particularly dangerous path–the one that leads straight toward a “strange woman.” Before you laugh, this wording isn’t about a girl that just acts a little differently. It’s about a woman who has no discipline, no moral compass, and no regard for the future of the young man.

Proverbs 2:19 gives the rest of the story: “None who go to her return again, nor do they reach the paths of life.”

Guys, whether you’re still a player or now a coach, hear the warnings of Proverbs 2. Listen to wisdom. Hear the voice of God in this verse.

Three practical applications:

Flattery is a trick. Don’t be fooled by it. If you’ve come to believe you’re invincible or something special because of what you do as a player or a coach, odds are someone else thinks that about you too. Guys, listen, if a woman who isn’t yours flatters you with words, run away as fast as you can. She’s not yours. Either she belongs to someone else, OR YOU DO. This isn’t just for the married guys reading this. If all a girl talks about is your looks, your playing/coaching abilities, or how you make her feel, there’s little substance to her. Time to go.

A girl worth your attention cares about your future. Young players, hear this: the girl you really want doesn’t want your undivided attention. She doesn’t expect you to make her happy all the time. She doesn’t need you to be at her house every waking moment. She doesn’t complain about your commitment to the team. If you feel the need to have a girlfriend, be selective. A girl worth your attention will care about the things you care about, too.

Wrong choices, when it comes to relationships and sex, have lasting consequences. Those who choose poorly and against the will of God (sex reserved for husband and wife only, marriage as a lifelong covenant) do not “reach the paths of life.” Nothing can derail your life and career more than ungodly decisions in these areas. You and I are not invincible, no matter what we can do as players and coaches. God’s will and his word are there for your protection and your provision. Trust and follow him.

Lord Jesus, I’m not invincible. I can easily go down a wrong path. Help me to trust and obey you and your word regarding relationships and sex. Amen.