baseball-in-batters-boxCoach, if you’re waiting around to be appreciated, you’ll wait forever. If you’re just hoping a culture of respect and appreciation develops under your watch, you’re hope is naive. For all coaches, it starts with us. This Thanksgiving, join me in doing unto others what you want others to do unto you…say thanks.

Five people every coach should thank this Thanksgiving:

Say thanks to God. Coaching is a privilege granted by God himself. It is not your right. It is your honor. Thank him for entrusting you with such a great responsibility.

Say thanks to your family. Your wife is a saint for putting up with you and your constantly distracted mind. Your kids give you up for the sake of other kids. Thank them specifically for what they’ve done to help you do what God has called you to do.

Say thanks to the people you coach with. If you’re the head coach, have you recently stopped to show specific appreciation for the guys who coach under you? If you’re an assistant coach, maybe it’s time to say thanks to the man in charge for the chance to coach with him.

Say thanks to the parents of your players. Those kids you’re coaching…odds are, most of them aren’t your own.

Say thanks to your players. Even THOSE players. Without your players, you’re just a guy standing around hitting fungos to no one.

Be specific and say thanks this week.