Proverbs 1:26 “I will even laugh at your calamity; I will mock when your dread comes…”

It was bound to happen and eventually it did. The only person who was surprised was the player himself. Everyone else saw it coming. He was talented, but he was also foolish. Skipped classes, laziness at practice, poor grades, mouthine

ss to coaches and other players. It all finally caught up with him. It took a while, but he eventually ran out of second-chances. Now off the team, with his dreams crushed, it finally hit him.

Everyone around him said a collective “I told you so.” He had refused to listen, refused to think anyone else knew anything but him. And now his locker had been cleaned out for him.

The wisdom he had ignored, as we see in the Scripture here, laughed at him.

God’s wisdom is always right. Always. You can spit in its face, laugh at it when it seems to be counter-intuitive. But it’s always right. Eventually, you’ll learn this. Will it be too late?

Lord Jesus, I’m done with doing life my own way. I’m turning to you. I’m all ears. Fill me with you and your desires for me. Amen.