Coaches need guys they can trust. Teammates need to know the other guys have his back. In our world of social media, this is hard to find. News travels fast, even the news that shouldn’t be news. Issues among coaches, players, and teammates should remain in-house, between them. But, as we all know, this isn’t always the case.

Proverbs 11:12 has something to say about things like this–“He who despises his neighbor lacks sense, but a man of understanding keeps silent.”

Here are a few things to consider in light of that verse.

  1. Coaches sometimes give information to guys to see how trustworthy they are. Are you the kind who can maintain confidentiality about sensitive information? This isn’t just about game plans, signs, and scouting reports. This is also about what a coach says about various players or himself.
  1. Running your mouth about coaches and teammates is equal to despising them. If you really care about someone, stop talking about them. Seriously, just stop. Stop the talking behind his back, stop the tweeting about “that person,” stop all of it. One day, it might be you on the other end. Odds are, they won’t hold back from doing to you what you’ve done to them.
  1. People who say and post very little about the team are highly valuable to the team. These are the people of “understanding,” as the verse says. They keep silent. They measure their words in speech and online. They aren’t looking to share news just because they can. They realize that whatever is said or posted cannot really ever be taken back.
  1. This isn’t just for players. Coach, if you love your players, protect them in what you say and, more importantly, in what you don’t say, about them.

Scripture is clear. Those who are wise are careful with their words. Fools run their mouths. Your choice.

Lord Jesus, make me a man of understanding and help me to keep silent more often. Make me trustworthy among the players, coaches, and parents on my team. May all I say–and don’t say–bring honor to you. Amen.