Hey coach or player, to what can your words be most closely compared?

Here are a few possibilities:

  1. A volcano: this is the player or coach who might say little to nothing much of the time, but then explodes out of nowhere, showering everyone with toxic words and hurtful speech.
  1. An earthquake: the words of this player or coach shakes the very foundation of the people to whom they are directed. The words might seem harmless at first, but they keep going and threaten to topple even the strongest person.
  1. A steady wind: while at first these words seem nice, it is quickly realized that this player or coach is just talking, meaning nothing, and eventually is just annoying and largely full of hot air.

The Scripture from Proverbs 18:4 gives a couple more alternatives:

“The words of a man’s mouth are deep waters; the fountain of wisdom is a bubbling brook.”

These are worth consideration and worth asking God to develop us into people whose words are more like…

  1. Deep waters: like the ocean, this player or coach has substance and depth. He is worth listening to because he’s thought out what he’s going to say. His words are challenging, but also steady and comforting.
  1. Bubbling brook: peaceful and calm, this player or coach is an encourager and a supporter when it’s most needed. Just like getting a cool drink on a hot day, the words of this person offer refreshing wisdom to fellow teammates and coaches.

The first three examples are all out of control; they don’t resemble a life governed by the Holy Spirit.

The second two, the ones reflective of the Scripture, are guided by an ongoing relationship with the Lord.

No one is perfect and everyone has volcano, earthquake, and steady wind moments. But, what if you asked the Lord to develop you into deep waters? What if you submitted to him so that your words were more like the bubbling brook described in Proverbs 18?

Lord Jesus, I give my entire self to you, even the words I say. Change my heart and, in turn, change my words. Develop my character to reflect yours.