The Royals bounced back and locked the Series at 1-1. As things head west to San Francisco, here are three thoughts about Game 2.

1. Did I mention that Hunter Pence should be your favorite player? After losing to the Royals 7-2, Pence offered the following: “These games are an absolute joy.” Honestly, what’s not to love about Pence?

And, he has great hair:

Hair Pence


2. You make the call. Your starting pitcher, a 13-year veteran and former Cy Young Award winner, is cruising. In fact, he’s retired the last ten hitters in a row (see game log). It’s only the 6th inning and he’s under 75 pitches. And, your pitcher will lose his mind, literally, if you take him out of the game.

Cruising with Jake

But here’s what you know: Jake Peavy, your starter, when facing the lineup the first time has a slash line of .229/.290/.372. Facing the lineup the second time? .224/.276/.373. Third time? .323/.387/.545 (more stats here). Yikes. As the 6th inning began, Peavy was set to continue facing the Royals’ lineup the third time. In other words, TAKE HIM OUT. Instead, you left him in and he gave up a single and a walk, gave way to the bullpen and both runners scored. Game over. You should have taken him out, even if he lost his mind.

3. Major League hitters can hit fastballs. Just ask Hunter Strickland of the Giants. Here’s what it looked like when Omar Infante made contact.


Point is, nothing is automatic in the game. Throwing hard means nothing if you can’t command it. It’s arrogant to think otherwise.

Also, Hunter, settle down.