One day, you’ll have a few memories, a couple of scrapbooks, a few hundred pictures on Facebook, an old jersey hanging in the closet. That’s it. Or, maybe not.

It doesn’t have to be it. Not if you do well in what matters. Not if you take the time to cultivate what will last long after your playing and coaching days are over.

Proverbs 20:7—”A righteous man who walks in his integrity—how blessed are his sons after him.”

One day, another player will wear your number and play your position.

One day, another coach will occupy your spot in the dugout.

If your life is built on the naive hope that those things won’t ever happen to you, you’re fooling yourself and wasting your time.

But, if you’re one who sees a bigger picture–God’s picture–for your life, then you have the chance to make a dent in the lives of people that won’t end.

Here’s how:

First, as the verse says, it takes righteousness. Problem is, none of us have it on our own. We have to get it from God through Jesus. A trade is necessary. Your sin for his righteousness. God’s terms? Receive it by faith, trusting Jesus, turning over your life to him.

Second, walk in your integrity. Every day. Regardless of the circumstances. That’s how you can tell if a person’s life is truly surrendered to Jesus. Unswerving integrity, holiness, devotion to the Lord.

Third, devote your life to more than coaching or playing a sport. You raise who you are. Your followers become you. Period. It’s that simple. What are you going to do with that truth? Will the people who follow you, perhaps your own sons and daughters, be blessed? Or, will they regret that their coach, their dad, their leader, their teammate never concerned himself with anything other than skill development and winning.

Lord Jesus, I want to trade my life for yours. I want your righteousness instead of my sin. Live your life through mine. Help me to walk in integrity every day and truly be a blessing to those who follow me.