Check out this wisdom from Scripture in Proverbs 25:2–“It is the glory of God to conceal a matter, but the glory of kings is to search out a matter.”

Here are some ways to apply this.

1. Give benefit of the doubt. I know, some guys don’t deserve it, but don’t let the actions of a few change your approach to everyone else. People need grace and the benefit of the doubt. Yes, coach, they’re going to mess up. Yes, it will make you angry. But, aren’t there a few things you could overlook? Pick which hills you’re truly willing to die on.

2. What’s done on the team stays with the team. Players, there’s no excuse for blasting a teammate or coach in social media or in conversation with people not associated with your team. If your goal is to make yourself look better by running down your coaches or teammates, it’s time for you to turn in your uniform.

3. Address major concerns man-to-man. We live in a world of cowards. We would rather build a coalition behind someone’s back than address them face-to-face. Man up. If a coach or a teammate is in the wrong, address it personally and privately first. Then, take it up the chain of command only when necessary.

4. Be willing to let things die. Defending yourself against every little thing that is said or done against you is both overrated and exhausting. Don’t be like the king in this verse, who only wants to protect his glory. Instead, be like God, and give him glory by forgiving over and over.

Lord Jesus, help me not to do things for my glory, but for your glory. Make me a person of grace and forgiveness as a player or coach. Amen.