What would be the pinnacle for you in the game? Seriously, what is it? What are you willing to do to reach it?

For the pinnacle, some sacrifice everything, including their families, integrity, health, and reputation. Some cheat their way to the top. Some refuse to let anything and anyone stand in their way, regardless of the relational damage done.

Picture yourself standing on the top of that mountain.

Now what?

What really have you done? Even if you reach all your career goals. Even if you win as much as you want. Even if you set all the records. What really have you done?

Proverbs 11:18–“The wicked earns deceptive wages, but he who sow righteousness gets a true reward.”

If you reach the top, and yet sacrifice everything along the way, what really have you done? Well, you have all the reward you’ll ever receive. You’ll be able to hold it right there in your hands. It’s deceptive, though. And it won’t amount to much in the long run. You’ll understand the full meaning of regret at some point.

True reward, the true pinnacle, comes through a life of righteousness, which comes only through increasing love for and knowledge of Jesus Christ. True reward can’t be quantified or held in your hands. You can’t put it in the bank. It’s like a crop–you plant it, water it, pray for it, and harvest it only later.

Maybe it’s time to reconsider what reward you actually want to pursue most.

Lord Jesus, I want you to be my pinnacle. Everything else is a distant second to knowing and loving you. Help me to live for what matters most. Amen.