During my sophomore year of high school, we re-sodded the infield grass. Little did we know that this would begin a tradition that lasted several years. Since the grass was new and needed time to get established, we were forbidden from running on it, walking on it, or otherwise touching it, under penalty of death (or something like that). As a result, each time we took the field, no matter what position we played, our coach required us to run down the baselines (they were dirt) and then to our position on the field. It was something to see.

At first, we all felt a little foolish, and I’m sure other teams thought we had either lost it or were trying to show off. But, then it became our thing. Long after the sod was attached, we were still running down the lines. We took seriously the new path we had been taught to take and even became offended when others dared step on our infield grass.

We had found the path that pleased our coach and we enjoyed taking it.

Proverbs 4:14–“Do not enter the path of the wicked, and do not proceed in the way of evil men.”

For us, the wicked and evil path was the one that took us onto the infield sod. The path of safety, the one our coach commanded, was down the baselines. What an incredible lesson.

The traditional path in life, the one across the infield grass, if you will, seems natural. In fact, any other path seems downright stupid at times, especially the path God wants for you. It will send you on a unique journey that few others will understand. Yet, when you know it is the one that pleases the Lord, you are happy to take it and happy to endure the odd looks and insults that come your way.

God hasn’t called you to run across the infield like everyone else. He’s called you to follow His path down the baselines, the narrow path. So, refuse the path of the wicked, and instead listen for the command of God. Stay off the sod.

Lord Jesus, show me the narrow path and help me follow it, regardless of what it costs me. Amen.