Seriously, there’s no reason you should be reading this. You already know everything in it. It’s just like when your coach tells you to do the same things he’s been telling you for the past several months or years. Or like when your parents repeat the same saying and lessons over and over. Or when, as a coach, you start a new season, already knowing how to do everything because you’ve coached for years.

You already know it all. You can stop reading now.

At this point, the only ones still reading are those who, for whatever reason, have realized they don’t know it all. You realize I’m just being sarcastic when I tell you to stop reading. Why? Because you know that no one knows it all. You know how inadequate you feel for every task, on and off the field. You know and desire the truth of Proverbs 1:5–“A wise man will hear and increase in learning. And a man of understanding will acquire wise counsel…”

Did you catch that? The people who are still learning are those who are already considered wise. Maybe that’s the secret. Those who already have understanding will keep gaining more, if they listen and take it to heart.

Jesus made it clear in his time on earth that those who think they know everything don’t really know much at all. Only he is all-knowing. Not you. Not me. No matter who you are. So, it is to our great Savior that we look. It is to him that we repent and confess our arrogance. It is from him that we need ongoing forgiveness and wisdom in whatever roles we play.

Keep seeking Jesus as if you know nothing, as if he really is the source of wisdom you need. You just might learn something you thought you already knew.

Lord Jesus, forgive me of my arrogance and my belief that I have nothing more to learn. Teach me daily. Give me your wisdom. Amen.