Immediately following each start on the mound, pitchers from high school to the Big Leagues spend time with ice packs on their throwing arms. Ice, coupled with compression, helps to constrict the blood vessels, reduce swelling, and ease any post-game pain. At first, it is painful, but then it becomes soothing and refreshing.

Proverbs 3:8 says that wisdom from God is like that…”It will be healing to your body, and refreshment to your bones” (NASB).

The verse just before this tells us that what leads to this refreshing is humbling yourself before the Lord, trusting in His Word instead of your own instincts, having a high reverence for Him, and turning your back on the sinful things offered to you in this world. Having that pattern in your life is like receiving ice on your arm after a pitching appearance. It may sting at first, since you aren’t accustomed to it, but it brings health and refreshment in the long run.

Is it time to ice down your life? Is it time for refreshing and health? It can happen, but only when there is less “self” and more submission to God. Only when there is more trusting Him and less making it up as you go. Only when you let Him wrap the ice of His Holy Spirit around your life and heal and refresh your mind, heart, and soul.

Here’s a prayer:

Lord Jesus, I am swollen with self, with ego, with my own ideas, with my own desires. Wrap me up with your Holy Spirit. Reduce me. Increase you. Bring healing and refreshing to my life. Amen.