The person in charge matters. This goes without saying, but it’s amazing just how much difference the person in charge makes. The head coach sets the tone for the entire program. Attitude, work ethic, responsibility, everything in the program is a reflection (or eventually is) of the head coach’s philosophy on such things. Each one of us has played for great people and each one has played for the not-so-great people. Isn’t it incredible to look back at how the team responded to and reflected the coach?

Check out Proverbs 28:28 for some convicting news: “When the wicked come to power, people hide, but when they are destroyed, the righteous flourish” (HCSB).

Consider for a second your position of leadership. Parent. Captain. Coach. Director. President. Whether it’s baseball or not, the person in charge matters. The cold truth is that you and I, in our positions of leadership, are either making people hide or we are setting them free. Clearly, we all have our moments we later regret, but this isn’t about momentary lapses. This is about patterns of leadership. Great leaders have followers who come alive under their leadership. Let’s avoid making people hide because of our leadership. Instead, let’s be those leaders who help people flourish at the end of that verse.

Being a leader is anything but easy, especially when you decide to go against the grain and follow God’s pattern and wisdom. But, through the power of the Holy Spirit, it can be done. Press on!

Here’s a prayer:

Lord Jesus, I stand amazed at your leadership. You never failed, never made people hide because of your leadership, always set people free. Make me like you. Take who I am and shape it into your image. Amen.