Whether written or unwritten, every league, every coach, every player, and every parent has a set of points of emphasis. Most of what leagues, coaches, players, and parents emphasize is obvious. Performance, winning, competition. What’s interesting is when the stated objectives and points of emphasis differ from reality. Most leagues, coaches, and parents will tell you that the main point of emphasis is fun for the kids, but the games begin and everything changes. Some of this is just human nature, to be sure. But, part of it is that fun for and development of players is harder and requires more intentionality than the expedient path to winning individual games.

Let’s be honest, none of us wants to ruin kids through our leagues, coaching, or parenting. Yet, it happens often. What’s more desirable is to build lasting relationships with the players through enjoyment, mentoring, and seeing them develop as players and people.

The Scripture speaks about wisdom this way: “Wisdom is better than jewels; and all desirable things cannot compare with her” (Proverbs 8:11, NASB).

God’s point of emphasis for us is that we love Him and live out His wisdom on a daily basis in every aspect of our lives. He says gaining His wisdom and understanding about life is better than anything else we can get. Why, then, is it often at the bottom of our lists? Our sinful human nature is obviously at the root, but adding to the problem is our lack of intentional focus on gaining what God offers to us.

If you want kids to have fun and develop in a baseball league, you have to take drastic steps to make it happen (rules changes, constant reminders, etc.). If you want to be the wise person God wants you to be, drastic steps are also requires (life changes, constant reminders, etc.).

Wisdom does not come automatically. Successful parenting, marriage, coaching, or mentoring doesn’t happen just because you hope it will. Be intentional. What practices and habits are you forming that will lead you toward God’s wisdom? You must go after it and keep going. Nothing desirable is better than that, so go after it.

Here’s a prayer for those who relate:

Lord Jesus, I’m drifting through life. I haven’t pursued your wisdom and then I’ve wondered why I keep making the same mistakes over and over. I wonder why I’m not experiencing what you promised. Turn me around. Set my course for pursuit of you. I want my point of emphasis to be gaining all you have for me, especially the stuff I can’t hold in my hands. Amen.