Consider two players. Both are very talented, though in different ways. The first player is fundamentally sound, hard working, and makes the most of his ability. He is not, however, the prototypical “star.” The second player is gifted uniquely and has all five “big-league” tools. He is fun to watch because everything comes so easily for him.

The first player takes criticism well. In fact, he wants it. He thrives on it. He learns from it. He understands why it is necessary. He’s been trained at home by his parents to receive it well.

The second player appears to listen, but is so skilled that he believes there isn’t much to learn. He does his own thing, which is great most of the time. He feels there is no reason to change anything, nor do his parents. They have never called him out on anything and typically let him do what he wants.

Here’s the end of this true story. The first player went on to be a productive player and is now a great husband and father. The second player’s career had no limits, but fizzled. His lack of discipline has also caused poor decision-making, even some with awful results.

Proverbs 17:10–“A rebuke goes deeper into one who has understanding than a hundred blows into a fool” (NASB).

Where does understanding begin? At home. Where does foolishness begin? At home. Parents, lay the ground work for your children. Consider strongly the true story of these two players. Of course, they are each responsible for their own actions and decisions, but their parents played a huge role in their early development. One received correction because it was given from early in his life. The other ignored it because it was foreign to him.

Here’s a prayer for parents:

Lord Jesus, I want to be a wise parent and raise wise and godly children. Show me how. Guide me in correcting them. Help me do it with love and to be consistent. Thank you for your grace when I fail. You are the perfect Parent. Amen.